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The elusive granary: herder, farmer, and state in northern Kenya

Title: The elusive granary: herder, farmer, and state in northern Kenya Authors: J. D. Y. Peel, Peter D., Little J. M. Lonsdale, Keywords: Agriculture and state - Kenya - Baringo District Issue...
Ana SayfaEğitimAkademik KaynaklarPopulation and Development

Population and Development

Title: Population and Development
Keywords: Development
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Springer
Description: The Population and Family Study Centre (CBGS) is a governmental institute for social and policy-related scientific research into population and family issues. Since its creation in 1962, it has been constantly involved in intergovernmental activities concerning European and international population issues. CBGS members were included in the Belgian governmental delegations that attended the three world population conferences organised by the United Nations, in Bucharest (1974), Mexico-City (1984) and Cairo (1994) respectively. The CBGS’s main task is to carry out population and family scientific research of relevance to policy-making and society in Flanders, but it is also required to advise its authorities on international population and family issues. The CBGS is also prepared to offer the benefits of its expertise to help promote development cooperation in population and family matters. The CBGS has already published monographs about the first two UN world population conferences. This monograph, which concerns the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) staged in Cairo in 1994, is a slightly amended translation from the Dutch language book which was published in December 1994, in the CBGS Monograph Series (Cliquet and Thienpont, 1994). This monograph could not have been completed without the support of the Flemish Community Minister for Finances and the Budget, Health Institutions, Welfare and the Family, Ms. W. Demeester-De Meyer, who provided the senior author with the opportunity to take an active part in the Cairo Conference, and several of the preparatory meetings, and the Federal Secretary of State for Development Cooperation, Mr. E. Derycke, who instructed the General Administration for Development Cooperation (ABOS) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development cooperation, to arrange a part-time research post, so that Mr. K. Thienpont, assistant at the Department of Population Sciences at the University of Ghent, chaired by Professor H. Page, could take part in the work involved in producing this monograph.
ISBN: 978-94-015-8591-0
Appears in Collections: Population Studies


2-Population and Development Robert Cliquet and Kristiaan Thienpont